About D.G.Pals

  • What is D.G.Pals all about?

    Starting with our first two games, D.G.P: New World and D.G.P: Legends, we aim to create an entire ecosystem of games in which our NFTs will be able to participate. There is a place in the D.G.Verse for all sorts of players and investors! The quickest way to learn about us is to check out our trailer, website, and whitepaper under https://whitepaper.dgpals.io/.


About Genesis and Limited Edition D.G.Pal NFTs

  1. How to obtain Genesis NFTs?

    Our Genesis Sales Event is now over. It lasted from 1st April - 16th April, with a limited supply released each day. A total supply of 6000 NFTs was released at a minting cost of 180 CRO each. Genesis NFTs can still be bought from third-party marketplaces such as Ebisu’s Bay (https://app.ebisusbay.com/collection/dg-pals-genesis-i) from current holders.

    There are a total of 36 D.G.Pals in the Genesis I series and they can all be found on our website (https://dgpals.io/nft-db). While regular NFTs can have a rarity ranging from Ordinary, Great, Excellent, Rare and Ultra Rare, Genesis NFTs are guaranteed to be Great and above. The higher the rarity of your D.G.Pal, the higher their base stats.

    Note: Ultra Rare D.G.Pal NFTs cannot participate directly in D.G.P: Legends at the moment, but instead unlock your ability to create Clans.

  2. What are Limited Edition (LE) D.G.Pal NFTs and how to obtain them?

    The Limited Edition D.G.Pal NFTs are highly limited in supply, with new designs that will never be released again after the initial sale.
    Refer to https://dgpals.io/nft-db to view each Limited Edition series.