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    About D.G.Pals

    • What is D.G.Pals all about

      Starting with our first two games D.G.P: New World and D.G.P: Legends, we aim to create an entire ecosystem of games in which our NFTs will be able to participate. There is a place in the D.G.Verse for all sorts of players and investors! The quickest way to learn about us is to check out our trailer, website, and whitepaper underĀ https://whitepaper.dgpals.io/.


    About Genesis and Limited Edition D.G.Pal NFTs

    1. How to obtain Genesis NFTs?

      Our Genesis Sales Event is now over, lasting from 1st April - 16th April with a limited supply released each day. A total supply of 6k NFTs was released at a minting cost of 180 CRO each. Genesis NFTs can still be bought from third-party marketplaces such as Ebisusbay (https://app.ebisusbay.com/collection/dg-pals-genesis-i) from current holders.

      There are a total of 36 D.G.Pals from the Genesis I series, and they can all be found on our website (https://dgpals.io/nft-db). While regular NFTs can have a rarity ranging from 'Ordinary', 'Great', 'Excellent', 'Rare', and 'Ultra Rare', Genesis NFTs are guaranteed to be 'Great' and above. The higher the rarity of your D.G.Pal, the higher their base stats.

      Note: Ultra Rare D.G.Pal NFTs cannot participate directly in combat for our upcoming D.G.P: Legends game, but instead provide additional buffs to your team and unlock the ability to create clans.

    2. What are Limited Edition (LE) D.G.Pal NFTs and how to obtain them?

      The Limited Edition D.G.Pal NFTs are highly limited in supply, with new designs that will not be ever released again after the initial sale. The previous two series were sold back in February 2022 on a BSC contract and will be migrated to Cronos later on. There was a max supply of 100 per series, minted at 1 BNB.

      The next set of Limited Edition D.G.Pal NFTs is currently part of a community design contest! You can check out the rules here: This batch of LE D.G.Pal NFTs will be released sometime around June 2022.


    About the Games

    1. D.G.P: New World

      D.G.P: New World is an idle farming game where you can watch your D.G.Pals grow from D.G.Eggs all the way to their Prime form, giving you the ability to transform them into NFTs. You are able to raise up to 10 D.G.Pals in New World at one time, and they take 5 days to fully mature. These NFTs can be used to participate in our other games in the D.G.Verse ecosystem.

    2. D.G.P: Legends

      D.G.P: Legends is a player-vs-player arena auto-battler, which will require a minimum of 5 NFTs to participate. Strategise, and bring together a powerful team to fight your way for glory and rewards. These are just two games in our roadmap, and there will be more to come in the years ahead. Check out our website and whitepaper atĀ https://dgpals.io/.